Monday, April 11, 2016

15 September 2015 – The Morning After – In Cochin

The sense of achievement of having done a solo Trans Himalayan Expedition, which turned out to be the toughest I have done in the past 5 years of road expeditions, recedes into the background when I acknowledge that this would not have been possible, in the manner it was done despite the stiff odds, without the spontaneous support, encouragement, hospitality, motivational pats on the shoulder and, most importantly, prayers of so many over social media and in person. It is from the bottom of my heart that I thank all of you sincerely. This expedition saw me negotiate five accidents, three incidents where I could have lost my life and an occasion when my car was vandalised and I lost more than Rs 1 lakh worth of equipment. Almost a similar amount will be required to bring the Champion back to her old self, after suffering almost fatal battle wounds. Through it all you never permitted my spirit and passion to flag or even think of quitting the expedition. It was always forward and yet more ahead. Record Drive had achieved the distinction of completing it's eighth expedition successfully and is on track to register the twelfth Limca Record. My humble greetings and pranams to all of you, personally, for being with me all the way.

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