Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Genesis

This is a journey I had planned to do in 2000. Unfortunately, it remained a plan and a dream unrealised since my dear mother fell ill and passed away. New assignments, change of jobs, relocation and then the passing away of my father rolled half a dozen years over. A passionate love story with a unique project called the International Container Transshipment Terminal, Vallarpadam in Cochin, Kerala brought me into 2010. Once that assignment was over, it was the wedding of my dear daughter Maya. She wed a handsome young man, Kiron, on the 21st of August. They left for Botswana, where Kiron works as a CA with PWC, on the 6th of September.

I have been evaluating various offers for professional engagement since the wedding was over last month. However, the unrealised dream resurfaced and I decided to reassess the option of doing the All India tour. Encouragement from friends and relations lent further meat to the reassessment. The trip is more challenging now than it was ten years ago. The route has been planned out and I am in the process of tapping friends and contacts along the way. Any help for accommodation and company en route is most welcome.

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