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DAYS 76 to 80 – 30 August to 3 September 2014; In London and back home – Part II

At the time of planning the road trip to London I had mailed the various Indian Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions en route. One of the first responses I had was from Ranjan Mathai, the Indian High Commissioner to London. He had expressed concern that he would be unavailable till 31 August – my original schedule was to return to Cochin on 30 August. However, with the slight change in schedule I was given an appointment to meet His Excellency on the morning of 2 September. Being a working day, Lal and I had to shell out nearly GBP 46 apiece for the return tickets as compared to just GBP 16 apiece just a few days before, which was a holiday. We had a most interesting time with the High Commissioner, who displayed a lot of enthusiasm to understand our journey. Aldwych House is a historic building in Central London. Vivek Thampy, Social Secretary to the High Commissioner, who coordinated our meeting with the High Commissioner explained a few important plaques in the building and a…

DAYS 76 to 80 – 30 August to 3 September 2014; In London and back home – Part I

At the start of the trip an overwhelming worry was that we would fall short on finances to complete the trip. When the trip was concluded in London on 29 August 2014 such thoughts were farthest from my mind, for we had been hosted by friends and family, including the Indian Railways, for a total of seven weeks – we stayed in paid accommodation only for 31 days of the 80. The wonderful hosts that looked after everything that we wanted from washing machines to shopping to home cooked food made sure that we were most comfortable. The journey would not have been as memorable but for their contribution. The Kingsleys in London exemplified that experience.
When we were on the journey Boby George, a Facebook friend, had got in touch to volunteer hospitality in London. After many discussions it was agreed that accommodation would be arranged in Hayward’s Heath, with the Kingsleys. Last evening we drove more than an hour in failing light to reach the warm confines of the home of Judie and Anil …