Friday, September 17, 2010


After the wedding of my daughter Maya to Kiron on 21 August 2010 in Trivandrum and before I get into the next professional engagement, I have decided to tour the entire country. The program is elaborate and the journey on a shoestring is expected to be completed in about four months. I will be travelling alone in a Maruti Swift and will stay with friends and well wishers. Apart from the objective of appreciating the diversity and magnificence that is Bharat, I would like to report my observations of ordinary Indians that make up this great land.


  1. Am meeting Mathew in hyd.... will ask him abt google ads....
    And Will be following you every step on the way... :-)

  2. All the very Best...You will Not be alone ! Our Network will follow where ever you go :)

  3. What a wonderful idea...though apprehensive for those who will be concerned about your long journey...

    You are so very welcome to the financial capital of India.....

    As you journey through our wonderful country I look forward to reading about facts that are educative, disheartening and exciting...

    Good luck and God speed.....

  4. o'madraasi,
    u r still as mad as u were 30 yrs ago.i am still there, where u started.good luck.

  5. Great, my friend. A Bharat tour after getting your daughter married off. You are the same young man I met 40 years ago in the St Joseph's. Great to know that even your kanjoosi too has remained the same. Shoestring budget, staying with friends, and traveling in Maruti swift all alone even without wife...Anyway looking forward to travel with you digitally.

  6. Hi Chetan Advance wishes for a Happy Safe and wonderful Journey. will receive you at vijayawada and accompany till Bhubaneswar.

  7. Wish, I could accompany you on such a great trip. Please keep posting with photos and notes. Bon Voyage.

  8. sir,wish you all the best for your trip.i think you can explore the spiritual in you thru this you alone.
    Hope you will soon write a book...a compitition to robin sharma!



  9. Hi Chetan,
    There are very few who actually get an opportunity to do exactly what they want to do, atleast once in our lifetime. Go for it , but keep safe and keep well. We'll journey with you in spirit.

  10. Achayan, have a great time on this journey and discover India for yourselves. Wish I could be riding shotgun. Hope you are planning to take a lot of pictures and write a book at some point. you deserve the decompression.



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